Democrats Evidence Blindness

Cartoon published 07/27/2023

Hunter Biden had his overly-generous plea deal thrown out of court. Subsequently, he changed his plea to not guilty.

That’s a howler. Everyone knows he’s guilty and therefore he needed to plead guilty again. Guilty should be Hunter’s middle name. Guilty should be his father’s new nickname. “Guilty Joe Biden.”

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But first things first: Joe Biden needs to be dragged into court and/or undergo impeachment proceedings. Unfortunately too many Democrats (as well as the Democrat propaganda media) are putting their blinders on. They obstinately refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing by Joe Biden. “It’s a clown show,” said Pelosi about the complaining Republicans. No, Nancy, the real clown show was your impeachments based on nothing but your irrational hatred toward Trump.

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Many of the Democrats are insistent when they say, “There is no evidence!” They claim all the charges against Joe have been debunked long ago. That’s a lie. They know that we know that they really know there is an abundance of evidence and it is becoming more damning nearly every day. Still, they insist on gaslighting the American public. They think we’re stupid.

Could Hunter flip on his dad to avoid prison? That’s very unlikely, but it would be glorious.

Stay tooned,

— Ben Garrison

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