Super Tuesday, So easy even a Caveman can do it

Cartoon published 03/04/2024

In the recent Missouri Republican Caucus, President Donald Trump totally destroyed Nikki Haley by winning 100% of the delegates. Haley also lost in two other states, Idaho and Michigan—a clean sweep for Trump. Bird brain never stood a chance, yet Trikki Nikki is still vowing to remain in the primary race until July. Talk about being a sucker for humiliation.

It should be noted that Democrats who hate Trump are supporting Haley, trying to keep her in the race. So you are seeing Democrat voters crossing over as Haley supporters, not the Republican base.

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Meanwhile, Joe Biden is out once again calling half the country ‘nethanderals,’ this time during his staged photo op at the Texas border.

“I love some of my Neanderthal friends who still think there’s no climate change.”

—Joe Biden

Nice way to unite our broken country, Joe.

Nikki Haley will again lose every state, except DC, the epicenter of the Deep State Swamp, she won! No surprise. Trump lost the Swamp, tells you everything.

Super Tuesday—so easy to win that even a ‘caveman’ can do it.

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