Biden’s Desperate Distraction


JOE: “Hey, Jack—this is Joe Biden”

ZELENSKY: “My name isn’t Jack—it’s Volodymyr!”

JOE: “How ’n the hell can I remember a name like that? Listen, I need a favor.”

ZELENSKY: “OK, but it will cost you.”

JOE: “Trump is giving his announcement speech tomorrow. We need a distraction. Why don’t you launch a missile over the Polish border and we’ll say Russia did it. That oughta do it.”

ZELENSKY: “Sure, but it will cost you at least $37 billion in emergency aid.”

JOE: “No problem…just make sure I get my 10 percent. Use that crypto token money laundering thingie for my kickback.”

ZELENSKY: “I can’t–that FTX Ponzi scheme has completely collapsed. I can always buy a few paintings from Hunter…but first I must buy another chalet in Switzerland.”

JOE: “OK, Corn Pop—just as long as you get Americans focussing on World War Three and not Trump!”


This conversation probably took place when Joe was absent from an important G7 dinner. The missile remains found near the Polish border indicate it was of Ukrainian origin—not Russian. Yet for Trump’s announcement day, that false flag dominated the news on corporate media.


I watched the speech on Fox News, but before Trump took the podium the war mongering Sean Hannity banged his war drum loudly because of that missile. He wants NATO to DO something about it! Fox News has also turned on Trump and joined the RINOs and neo-con ‘Uniparty’ in Congress. Don’t be surprised to see Sean and Fox News endorse Mike Pence for president.

That could be entertaining because we will be able to hear Pence get loudly booed during the primaries.

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Let’s hope Dementia Biden doesn’t trigger nuclear war. He will trigger more inflation by continually tossing mega billions in taxpayer money to a greedy and tyrannical cocaine-addled entertainer in what is perhaps the most corrupt country in the world. What Biden is doing to America at this point amounts to a humiliation ritual and he has two more years to do more damage. Don’t look for a divided Congress to rein him in. Biden has already smilingly stated that he will change nothing. We can expect more of the same.

Trump made a remark about how the years fly by fast, but two more years of Biden and his Marxists might be too much to ask. 

Anyway, it’s official. Donald Trump is running again—and that’s great, but he has no chance of winning unless the election process is fixed. Mail-in ballots must be reigned in drastically. Destroy the voting machines. No more ballot harvesting and drop boxes. The vote must be in person and with paper ballots. They must be counted within hours. Florida provided the best example.


—Ben Garrison

 It’s a humiliation ritual at this point.

US taxpayers gib $$$ to gov
US gov gives $$$ to Ukraine
Ukraine invests $$$ in FTX
FTX donates to Dems
US Tax payers vote for Dems


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