Trust the $cience..They screamed

Cartoon published 07/20/2023

Anthony Fauci may be an MD who likes to be seen in a lab coat, but he’s not much of a doctor. If you put the Devil in a lab coat, he’s still the Devil.

Fauci’s lab coat cannot hide his devilish deeds. Real doctors are supposed to do no harm, but Fauci is responsible for the death of millions. He should be arrested and imprisoned, but instead he basks in the limelight as he continues his effort to control and polish his Covid narrative. The former NIAID Director is supposed to be retired and banking his highest government pension in US history, but instead he runs his mouth and enjoys being shuttled around in limousines with the protection of bodyguards—all paid for by the government. Why?

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Senator Rand Paul has exposed Fauci for what he is: A corrupt career bureaucrat whose personal wealth increased by about 30 percent during the Covid ‘crisis.’ Fauci committed perjury when he lied to Congress about ‘gain of function.’ It is clear Fauci helped fund, with American taxpayer money, the Chinese bioweapon lab at Wuhan that created the virus. Fauci did his best to cover up the Chinese Communist Party’s connection by claiming the virus most likely came from a bat.

The diminutive Fauci is a megalomaniac dictator who once said “I am science!” He helped cancel free speech during a time when we needed to hear the truth about Covid. During the Covid years, if one attempted to post on social media an opinion contrary to the official, authoritarian Fauci narrative, censorship was often the result. Those who dared to criticize the science god Fauci were accused of spreading ‘misinformation.’

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Fauci politicized science. He corrupted it. He controlled big government money and used it to further his own personal power. Fauci decided which scientists should be rewarded and which to silence. He made and broke careers. Money was the reason—not merit, and Fauci made sure he profited handsomely—along with Bill Gates and the Big Pharma bigwigs. Fauci is not science-based. He’s money-based.

Fauci is a liar and corrupt to the marrow. He lies with confidence. He has ’small man syndrome,’ which means he is driven to make himself look big and important by belittling others. “Senator Paul, you don’t know what you’re talking about!” It’s almost as if Fauci is saying, “I am science and I wear a lab coat! I’m a big shot, so you must shut up and believe what I say!” Paul was not intimidated by Fauci’s lab coat, nor by his bullying bluster. Paul did know what he was talking about.

Fauci should not be rewarded with a fabulous pension. He should not be allowed to keep his graft obtained by his ties with Big Pharma. Disgustingly, Fauci was given a presidential award for the disastrous “Operation Warp Speed.” Rushing out under-tested gene therapy jabs was a big mistake by Trump. Awarding Fauci only underlined that mistake and, of course, Trump was promptly stabbed in the back by Fauci. Let’s hope Trump learned his lesson from all the backstabbing and appoints better people during his second term.

Fauci is more of a globalist gangster than doctor. He belongs in prison. Can Rand Paul can help send him there? That’s doubtful because Fauci has strong ties with the globalist Deep State Swamp.

Meanwhile, we all need harbor a healthy skepticism toward globalist devils in lab coats. They are already drumming up another round of viruses, scare tactics, and dangerous vaccines meant to cull humanity.

— Ben Garrison

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