Easy Money- The FTX Fraud

Cartoon published 11/14/2022

It looks like the FTX cryptocurrency ‘exchange’ was set up intentionally as a money laundering vehicle for the globalist Democrats.

The main player chosen to represent the fraud is a young man named Sam Bankman-Fried. The 30 year-old entrepreneur and MIT grad is apparently a nerd, a vegan, and social misfit who’d rather deal with people over ‘Zoom’ than in person.

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Maybe his eccentricity was mistaken for ‘genius,’ much like Elizabeth Holmes, Mark Zuckerberg, and Greta Thunberg. Bankman-Fried had many shills who talked him up including Anthony Scaramucci, who pumped FTX repeatedly on Twitter. Scaramucci is a notorious Trump back-stabber, but he’s now reluctant to condemn Bankman-Fried or even admit he was wrong about FTX.

At its peak, Bankman-Fried’s net worth was 26 billion dollars. Now he is presumably broke because his FTX empire has been revealed to be nothing but a money-laundering Ponzi scheme. His associate, a 27 year-old named Caroline Ellison, was set up as the head of some sort or investment operation known as “Alameda Research.” Bankman-Fried funneled billions of investor money into Alameda, and Ellison flushed it all away on risky investments that quickly went sour.

Who in the hell allows such inexperienced and unqualified young people who apparently never heard of a brush, comb, or hairdryer, access to mega billions of dollars? It was a set up.

A lot of money was taken from depositors and wasted by Alameda, but it went further than that. Bankman-Fried used investor funds to make a multi-million dollar bet against Trump when he ran against Biden. Maybe Sam knew the election would be rigged.

We already know that vast billions in taxpayer money was sent to Ukraine without accountability. Ukrainian leaders bought fancy chalets in Switzerland with our money and who knows how much got kicked back to corrupt politicians in the USA. Apparently a good deal of that money was funneled back to America when Ukraine began buying FTT tokens. The money was laundered and sent to the DNC. 

Bankman-Fried himself was one of the largest donors to Democrats. His money shoveling was second only to George Soros. It’s no wonder that the Democrats were able to outspend all Republicans in key races by a vast margin.

Will there be justice and prison time for all of those involved? I doubt it.


By making such large donations to the DNC and the Biden campaign, Bankman-Friend probably bought himself a stay out of jail free card. And since the mainstream corporate media’s main job now consists of protecting their precious Marxist Democrats, don’t expect them to launch any investigative journalism campaigns to reveal what has been flowing in the money sewer known as FTX.

All I know is it all stinks to high-heaven and I have no doubt “the big guy” Joe Biden got his 10 percent.

— Ben Garrison 

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