Google’s Gemini AI Image Creator Corrupts History

Cartoon published 02/23/2024

Google’s graphics generating AI program called “Gemini” caused quite a kerfuffle. As it turned out, Gemini put an emphasis on producing DEI, anti-white illustrations and lectured unsatisfied users.

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Such anti-white racism is integral to the ‘woke,’ DEI propaganda being pushed by Democrats and the Marxist left. Biden is in alignment with this and he even said a minority of white people in America would be a ‘good thing.’ Why it would be a good thing he didn’t say. Apparently he’s trying to rush that ‘good thing’ by importing millions of non-white, low IQ illegal immigrants.

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We at GrrrGraphics welcome the advent of AI illustrations. We see the AI programs as a tool and we intend to utilize them on occasion. There are many AI graphic-generating sites to choose from. Some refuse any input that is political in nature. Free speech is definitely limited on the Google program and we doubt that will change. Google may have intentionally gone overboard with their diversity and inclusion tactics. An Asian George Washington and black WWII German soldier attracts attention. They have our attention now. The question is, will they change and allow free speech? We somehow doubt it and if they don’t do it they will quickly lose the surge of users they attracted by the controversy.

Meanwhile, it sometimes takes a lot of words in the prompt in order to get close to what is envisioned. Precise and detailed descriptions are required. Sometimes a thousand words is worth a good picture, but In our opinion AI is not quite there yet. It will get there—probably sooner than later—and it will put a lot of illustrators out of business. That’s the consequence of AI everywhere—it will cost workers their jobs.

For Google’s ‘Gemini’ to get there, they’ll need to drop their DEI woke nonsense and allow free speech. Google has paused the image creator as they scramble to fix their woke mess.

— Ben Garrison    

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