“Guilty Until Proven Innocent- Trump Indictment”

Cartoon published 04/01/2023

The Marxist Democrat Deep State Swamp Party along with their RINO Republican Uniparty allies, are determined to keep Donald Trump from running again. They’ve already weaponized justice when the FBI blatantly turned partisan for the Democrats.

They trampled their own rules of justice to get at Trump. Hillary paid for a fake dossier to help prosecute Trump with her ‘Russia Russia Russia!’ bundle of lies that cost our country nearly 45 million dollars to refute as bunk. Hillary should be arrested for that alone, but the Democrat Swamp Party is immune to any prosecution. Hunter Biden is a prime example.

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Still, for those resisting the Swamp, seemingly serious crimes can be drummed up out of nothing. As long as the Democrat-controlled courts participate and ignore all exculpatory evidence, it spells doom for their targets.

We all know there is no evidence supporting a case against Trump, but he’ll get arrested anyway. Like the impeachment campaigns against him, facts don’t matter. Only anti-Trump lies and rhetoric matter. The problem is Trump could very well get convicted in a New York court because most of them are heavily biased against Trump. He will certainly not receive equal justice in that state. Remember, the Democrat Marxists stole a presidential election outright. Do you think they will won’t sentence Trump to prison based on a legal mirage? It can certainly happen.

Meanwhile, all the ‘orange man bad’ anti-Trumpers are cheering and drinking mimosas. Their irrational hatred for the man drives them to disregard the travesty that has happened. That is, our judicial system has been politicized and weaponized similar to any third world banana republic.

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We’ll now have kangaroo courts and show trials similar to the Stalin era. Heck, we already have them considering how the January 6th protestors were cast into Pelosi’s dungeon-like gulags without any due process. There was never any push back or consequence for that when it was proved that the Marxist Democrat’s subsidiary, the FBI, helped smash windows and open doors at the Capitol to trap the protestors. They got away with it, of course, so naturally they are emboldened and will continue to employ a corrupted justice system to get Trump.

Over and over the leftist politicians and their propaganda media bark at us and say, “Nobody is above the law.” We already know this is untrue. Those allied with the Swamp get a free pass.

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Hunter committed felonies, but he runs free. The entire Biden family is compromised, but there’s no investigation. Top officials in the FBI can lie to Congress and nothing happens. Hillary can engage in pay-for-play and destroy evidence and nothing happens. Fauci can enrich himself by killing millions of human beings and nothing happens. Trillions of dollars can go missing at the Pentagon and nothing happens. Something does happen to real journalists who blow their whistles on such corruption, though. They get harassed, murdered, or locked up.

Julian Assange is the prime example.

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Trump will be arrested and get his mug shot. He will be tried in a kangaroo court and convicted. Higher courts that are controlled by the globalist powers will not overturn the decision. Will Trump be sent to jail? Don’t be surprised. Will that spark a great pushback or even a civil war from his supporters? Probably not. Our country has already been conquered and all we do is complain.

It’s time to stop complaining and take action. This is a threat to the American people. We are fed up. We, the people, have to save our country.

— Ben Garrison

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