Even Satan is fed up with Hillary

Cartoon published 02/27/2024    Signed Prints Available

It seems to me the Democrats should start beating the drum for Hillary to enter the race. After all, the Clintons had sway over their party for a long time. They got pushed aside by Barack and his operatives, but who does Obama have to offer right now? That’s right, Big Mike. That’s it. Many want her to run, but she won’t because she will be a disaster and he/she knows it. It has nothing to do with whether or not she’s a ’trannie’ )and that’s “OK” according to the late Joan Rivers), it has to do with her lack of experience and, well, she hated America until Barry got in. It would be fun to see her debate Trump, but no, she won’t run.

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Barack’s Vice President has flopped miserably. He has the lowest rating of any modern president. America is being invaded. Inflation is still high, and everyone aside from Baby Boomers cannot afford a house and can barely make ends meet. Biden is a war monger and a completely corrupt, hair-sniffing pedophile.

Kamala has a lower rating than Joe. She’s a joke and incompetent. A laughing hyena in high heels.

Gavin Newsom? Many Democrats want him to jump in and replace Biden, but he’s simply a younger version of Joe. Despite Gavin’s slick talking and slicked-back hairdo, he has destroyed California. They act like that’s an accomplishment, but Americans aren’t that stupid. Besides, he’s another white male.

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Therefore, don’t be surprised if they trot out Hillary once more during the Democrat Convention. They’ll say she’s the most experienced. She certainly is seasoned and she looks it, but she’s a year younger than Trump. Joe is on tilt and then can’t roll back his odometer…so don’t be surprised if Hillary is one again thrown into the breach. She wants so very badly to defeat Trump, and she will lose. Again!

Another Hillary loss will be glorious. 

— Ben Garrison

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