Hitlary Clinton

Cartoon published 11/10/2023

Hillary opens her mouth and inserts a panzer.

Hillary Clinton continues to make public appearances both on stage and on TV. While on ’The View’ a very bitter Hillary claimed that it would be ’the end of our country as we know it’ if Trump was reelected in 2024. She also compared Trump to Hitler. 

Democrats always smear Republican opponents as ’Nazis.’ We’ve heard that for decades. The far-lefties think anyone who is conservative is a fascist bent on lynching and other forms of heartlessness.

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However, if anyone resembles Hitler, it is Hillary herself. After all, she lusts for power and world dominion through the creation of wars. She said Trump’s “MAGA extremists” need to go to reeducation camps, i.e., concentration camps. Think that can’t happen? An anti-Hillary meme maker was arrested and sentenced to prison for making fun of Hillary. Hillary says Trump is a threat to ‘our democracy,’ but obviously her democracy doesn’t allow free speech.

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Hillary said Trump would use the legal system and invent charges to go after his enemies. What? Does Hillary have no sense of self awareness? Obviously not. She invented the ‘Russia Russia Russia!’ lies and corporate media repeated those lies for many years before it was all disproven—costing taxpayers around $45 million. Hillary faced no consequences. She never does.

Hillary’s biggest supporter has been George Soros. He once admitted that as a 14 year-old in Hungary he helped turn in Jews to the Nazis. Whether or not this is true, Soros is indeed a destroyer. He enjoyed bringing about economic havoc to countries while raking in a fortune. He once said that he would like to be ‘God.’ He is still destroying today—he finances candidates who don’t believe in law and order.

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One of his favorite candidates was Hillary Clinton. He must have known she was bent on destruction because he has repeated given her campaigns many millions of dollars. He recognizes within her a fellow traveler.

If anyone is a Nazi, it’s ‘Hitlery’ Clinton. 

— The GrrrTeam

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