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The Democrats hold no viable hand in their game to remove Trump from office. Regardless, they’re going ‘all in’ on impeachment. They can’t win. President Trump is holding the winning cards.

Trump has not committed any sort of ‘high crime’ that would warrant an impeachment. He was actually carrying out his duties when it came to his Ukraine call. He didn’t want US taxpayer money to be siphoned off as graft. Congress should be going after Joe Biden, not Trump. However, the Democrats control the House and they are corrupt to the core.

The Democrats are holding a losing hand, but they’re desperate. They can’t beat Trump in 2020, so they will use their mass media to lie to the country about the reasons for impeachment. The Democrats have no poker face—their hatred for Trump can’t he hidden.

They are carrying out an elaborate bluff and Trump should call them on it.

—Ben Garrison

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