January Sixth, the third Anniversary of Freedom Day

Cartoon re-published  01/06/2024

Getting old is an unwanted but inexorable process for us all. It does have one benefit, however: One accumulates knowledge through experience. In the movie, “Groundhog Day,” Phil (played by Bill Murray) mentioned that maybe God knows everything because He has been around so long. I won’t be around nearly as long, but my experience told me that January 6th, 2020 would be a momentous day. I drew this cartoon on January 5th as a means to emphasize my prediction. I wasn’t wrong.

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Biden does not have much to run on. The border remains wide open—and in fact he wants to sue Texas for trying to close it. Imagine that, he’s not enforcing the law as is his duty, but he attacks those who try to uphold the law. Doesn’t that make him a traitor and insurrectionist himself?

Biden’s other accomplishments include the Afghanistan withdrawal failure. He wasted a vast amount of money on losing a war in Ukraine. Now he wants to send American troops there in a desperate attempt to make himself more popular. How low. How evil.

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Biden’s green energy policies have been a flop. Bidenomics is a miserable flop. Biden’s claim that he would restore decency to the White House has been a scandalous flop. (Cocaine was found and trannies cavorted naked on the White House lawn).

Biden’s term has been a disaster and since he has nothing to run on, he is using fear as his campaign strategy. He and his fellow crackpot leftist Democrats continue to label Trump as Nazi and claim his followers are ‘insurrectionists.’ 

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If an insurrection really occurred, it was the worst ever attempted in history. The MAGA-minded people were there to protest a stolen election. They were urged into the Capitol by undercover FBI agents. Pelosi encouraged it by failing to deploy more law enforcement to the scene as Trump requested. The spider set her trap.

The so-called insurrectionists on January 6 failed to carry arms. They had no plan other than to wander in, take a selfie, and stroll out peacefully. One of the patriots who was there that day was Ashli Babbitt. She served in the US armed forces—nobody could question her patriotism. Yet she was shot and killed by a guard for no reason. The murderer went unpunished—and in fact he was promoted. The protesters were rounded up by a partisan FBI and sentenced to long prison terms in dungeons. It’s a disgrace!


Trump is not an insurrectionist merely because most of the ruling class Democrats are afraid of him. They say Trump is “a threat to democracy” and claim that as being a valid reason for removing his name from ballots. How democratic of them.

What really happened on January 6th…Courtesy of Tucker Carlson

The Democrats are the insurrectionists. “Always accuse your enemies of what you are doing,” is the creed they follow. They stole an election, trampled on our First Amendment by censoring our free speech, and they foisted their green nonsense upon us in the name of their climate change bunk—they even think they can tell us what appliances we can own and what cars we can drive.

My prediction for this time next year: Trump will be president. That is, unless the Democrats conduct an insurrection and steal another election.

— Ben Garrison

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