Old Joe Biden Is Running In 2024- Here comes old ‘Drooler’

Cartoon Published 04/26/2023

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Joe Biden announced he’s ‘running’ for a second term, even though he can barely walk.

Despite his very low poll ratings and very advanced age, I predict he will win his party’s nomination. RFK Jr. may be his biggest competition, but like Bernie Sanders, those controlling the Democrat Party will rig the primaries against him. Joe won’t even have to debate. He certainly won’t participate in a debate against Trump once he gets his party’s nomination. Joe will spend a lot of time away from interviews and press conferences. In other words, he’ll once again be spending time in his Delaware beach house basement awaiting his coronation. This is Joe Biden’s version of ‘democracy.’

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We all know how unpopular Joe is. He was long known as the stupidest senator in Congress. Nothing has changed. He wasn’t popular during his earlier presidential runs—including his run in 2020. He scored low in the polls and in the Democrat primaries. He stumbled in the debates. Then, lo and behold, he miraculously began winning primaries. The powers behind the scenes decided an old, lying criminal was their man. He could be controlled. Despite his obvious mental decline, Joe Biden won the presidential election. To be more precise, the election was stolen from Donald Trump and handed to Biden.

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The template has been laid out again. The oligarchs want Biden despite his persistent mental decline. Actually, they are enjoying inflicting their pedophile criminal with dementia upon the American people. They hate America and want to see its destruction. It’s necessary for the ‘great reset.’ Biden is necessary to bring about our demoralization and despair. They want us to accept ridiculous things such as ’trans’ and ‘equity.’ They want us to accept absurd leaders such as Biden and Harris. Now that Dominion won its case against Fox, they will have hundreds of millions more to advance their cause. I have not seen much in the way of election reform. The election fraudsters got away with it the last time and are now even more emboldened.

Yes, I’m saying Biden will have the 2024 election stolen for him. Again.The octogenarian will be 86 years by the end of his second term. By that time, America’s destruction should be complete.


— Ben Garrison

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