Joe Biden, The Lying, Flying Carpet

Cartoon published 10/20/2023

Joe Biden’s trip to Israel has been lauded by the left, but to me it was nothing more than a publicity stunt designed to prop up his failing campaign for a second term.

During his visit, he displayed his usual confusion and befuddled babbling. He got snubbed by Arab leaders while he insulted Israel by saying Hamas needed to become ‘better shots.’ He also called them a ‘team,’ as if the conflict were a sporting event. Then, for some reason, Biden said he was born in Israel. I don’t know where that came from, but I’m surprised he didn’t say his son Beau died in Gaza. (He has repeatedly said Beaux died in Iraq when everyone knows he died in Maryland). What’s next? Will Joe proclaim that his house was bombed by terrorists?

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In his speech, Biden reiterated the need to toss away endless billions of dollars toward a losing war in Ukraine. He said Russia would trigger a world war should they annex the Baltic countries. Those countries were once under the Russian sphere until NATO conquered them. NATO has been very aggressive in converting countries right on Russia’s doorstep. NATO is a Cold War relic that should have been dissolved once the old Soviet Union collapse. Instead they continue to do the bidding of the usual people who want control over the entire globe. Putin is in their way. Biden himself said he was not a nationalist, but instead a globalist—just like Obama. They do not believe in America first and that’s why Biden leaves our border wide open even as he attempts to protect the borders of Ukraine and Israel.

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Biden also wants to shovel many millions of dollars into the pockets of Hamas. Sure, he says it’s for the suffering Palestinians, but we all know they support the elimination of Israel—just like Hamas. Biden is doing this while a great many Americans are still being held hostage by Hamas. This makes no sense, but it’s consistent with Biden’s numbskullery. Biden and Obama both sent billions of dollars to Iran in exchange for American hostages who were being held there. Biden’s foreign policy is as incoherent as the monologue he made on his return trip on Air Force One.

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Iran funds Hezbollah and Hamas, yet Biden is delivering the Persian theocracy even more billions of dollars on a silver platter. (Or on a magic carpet). Iran must marvel at the tremendous weakness exhibited by Sleepy Joe. His incompetence will only encourage Iran to escalate their war against Israel, which seems to be exactly what Joe’s globalist masters seem to want.

— Ben Garrison

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