Truck Off Trudeau!

The Freedom Convoy continues to roll across the oppressed nation of Canada, stretching over 45 miles in length. Crowds of Canadians are lining the roads waving flags and cheering them on with tears in their eyes. 

The people have had enough.

We at GrrrGraphics support the Canadian truckers who are driving to Ottawa to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandate.  They are scheduled to arrive at the capital by Saturday.

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Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau downplayed the trucker protest by saying they were a small, ‘fringe’ minority with ‘unacceptable views.’ This is the kind of verbiage that can be expected from a lying dictator. The 45-mile long convoy is hardly small, but I’m sure the corporate media won’t give it much coverage. Still, that many trucks will be hard for Trudeau to ignore.

In America we have the chant, “Let’s Go Brandon” as code for F Biden. In Canada perhaps it should be,

“Let’s go Brandeau.”

It is indeed time for Trudeau to go, but the cowardly leader is hiding behind his precious Covid, which he uses to seize liberty. Justin claimed he was exposed to the virus, tested negative and went into hiding.

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Big mean freedom truckers scaring little Justin?

The truckers need to force the hand of Trudeau, who keeps doubling down on his tyranny. He needs to be forced from office.

Read the post from an anonymous trucker in the Freedom Convoy:

Hello everyone.

We made it to Thunder Bay today. I have a hard time finding words to express the momentum on this convoy. The convoy is 100kms long and growing all the time. The support people have is overwhelming. Coming into Winnipeg yesterday was pretty emotional the com radios went pretty quiet because no one could find words to express what we felt. There was people packed on the shoulders of the streets. Cars parked and people for miles and miles on the ring road around the city. The horns never stopped honking!

On the four lane going out of Winnipeg. We thought it was hammer down time but ended up driving 5 to 20 km/hr for hrs and hrs. People had camp fires going in the ditches, fire works, a sprayer with booms out with big Thank you! Signs on the booms. Crane trucks with the booms up with signs, lights flashing, and flags. The shoulders of the four lane packed with people and cars. Overpasses packed with people. Tons of families little kids all bundled up.

Everyone was jumping, dancing, waving signs, flags, and flash lights. All in -30. Seeing how happy kids are, their smiles makes you a little emotional at times. This is how Canada is suppose to be. This morning going into Ontario, the support is amazing. The lane ways, cross roads, little towns same things happening. Constantly speeding up and slowing for groups of people. I feel like I am cheating with adaptive cruise ????. When we came to Thunder Bay they had a big area plowed Off. Tents put up, big fires and a insane amount of food. Beef on the bun, spaghetti, sandwiches, coffee, donuts and you name it. They brought pallets of windshield washer fluid for everyone.

Very humbling how kind everyone is. This is what freedom feels like. I felt normal for once not alone like the last two years. Thanks for all the support it is much appreciated!! Well, I’m hitting the hay. Cheers. Thanks”

anonymous trucker


Let Freedom Ring!

— GrrrTeam


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