Kim Jong-Un button pushed by Trump cartoon


UPDATE: North Korea says June Meeting still on

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Trump is an expert at manipulating perceptions. Some would say he’s a master at trolling, and Kim Jong Un keeps taking the bait.

The triggered North Korean dictator has rattled his saber so vigorously and frequently that it no longer instills fear. Instead it mostly rings hollow. He said he has a button on his desk which could be used to launch nuclear missiles against America. He said it to garner fear and respect. Instead, President Trump merely reminded him that his button is much larger and more powerful, with guaranteed effectiveness.

What Trump accomplished with his seemingly juvenile one-upmanship was this: He defused Kim Jong un’s plan to stir up fear and gain respect.

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Instead, Trump made little Rocket Man (now little Button Man) appear as a weak and chubby comedic figure. Many past presidents have suffered in silence. Afraid of war and North Korean nuclear ambitions, Bill Clinton indulged the Hermit State and gave them billions of dollars. The Norks instantly violated the agreement and secretly developed nukes anyway.

Trump will no longer kick the can down the road as previous presidents have done. Nor will he engage in useless and humiliating appeasement. Instead, a war is being waged with words, which is far preferable to a nuclear war. President Trump is winning the meme war.

—Ben Garrison

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