There was still yet another knife attack in London recently. There were multiple victims before the perpetrator was shot by an undercover police officer who was surveilling him. Why was he monitoring him? Because the young attacker was released from jail early.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has tried to ban knives in his city. As a result, knife crime has gone undeterred. When knives are banned, only criminals will have knives.

Such violence is not going away. When young Islamists are sent to prison, they are even more radicalized to kill. The young man who was killed for his knife attack is an example. He also urged his girlfriend to kill her parents who were ‘kafir,’ or “non-believers.” Great Britain may have great tolerance for Islam, and to be sure there are many Muslims who are not violent, but radical Islam is.

So what’s the point of all of these attacks? The radical Islamists want the kafir populace living in fear. The attackers know a knife ban is not an effective means to prevent their terror. The politicians will find another solution—passing legislation to make criticism of Islam against the law. Jail those who object to the endless muslim immigration into western countries. To be sure, criticism of other religions will remain permissible—especially criticism of Christianity. But Islam must be protected in order to avoid violence. That’s how Islam advances—through violence and threat of violence. When Sharia Law replaces existing laws, western civilization will have been conquered. Welcome to Eurabia. America will be next.

—Ben Garrison