Mother Hen Hillary Looks After the Chicks

Another Democrat Debate is upon us!

The Democrat Party is rigged. Their debates are rigged. Their primaries are rigged. Their polls are rigged. We saw how it was all rigged in Hillary’s favor and when Seth Rich revealed the rigging he was killed for it.

Hillary owns the Democrat party. She decides where the money goes and which operative gets what job. I still think she’s going to run for president again. If not, it’s starting to look like Hillary is leaning toward Hillary 2.0, Elizabeth Warren. Forget about Warren being against Wall Street and the central bankers. That’s all talk designed to rustle up support. Hillary said similar things while raising big money from speeches at banks. Hillary is the face of the Deep State and if those forces decide they want Warren, then that’s who the nominee shall be. It won’t be Biden who is too old and out of fashion, and it won’t be any other of the crazy far-left candidates.

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The one candidate who is not all that crazy is Tulsi Gabbard. I disagree with her on most issues, but she’s right when she speaks out against the military industrial complex and their endless wars. She’s also outspoken and often tells the unvarnished truth. She all but destroyed Kamala Harris during a previous debate. Hillary will have none of that. Hillary trades in lies and deception and expects the same from her candidates on the debate stage, not blunt truths. Therefore, she made sure Tulsi will not be present at the next debate. The lame excuse is that she was not getting enough support in the polls, which is transparently ridiculous. Again, their polls are rigged.

Whoever wins the Democrat nomination must have Hillary’s approval. If Hillary herself runs for president a third time, she’ll lay another egg.


–Ben Garrison

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