Presidents’ Day 2024, America Needs Trump More Than Ever

Cartoon published 02/18/2024  Signed Prints Available

Donald Trump is the only man who can save America. He’s far from perfect—no human is, but at this point there is no other viable candidate capable of turning things around.

With the puppet Biden carrying out their orders, the Democrat Party wrecked havoc. We have wide-open borders, systemic corruption in our institutions and satanic insanity being injected into our culture. Those on the far left want the traditional America destroyed and replaced by globalist socialism.

The American people are gathering around Trump and his MAGA movement. They are rejecting Marxist Democrats—even in blue states. Trump needs to be elected in an overwhelming landslide to overcome the Democrats’ cheating campaign. Once elected, Trump must choose the right people to help him. No more backstabbing, Deep State Swamp stooges!

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For the last three years we have had a ‘resident,’ not a ‘president.’ Biden is mentally debilitated, corrupt man controlled by Obama handlers. He puts Americans and America last. He is a traitor who insists we keep our borders wide open to invading criminal hordes. Joe and the warmongers in Congress keep insisting constant tax dollars be spent on a murderous meat grinder that is the hopeless war in Ukraine—it’s insanity.

To be sure, we should acknowledge our past presidents—but this year is critical and our focus should be on Trump. He must regain the presidency, and we at GrrrGraphics will do our best to support him.

Happy Presidents’ Day!

— The GrrrTeam

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