Mike Lindell Takes Off the Gloves at his Cyber Symposium

The CEO of “My Pillow” has put his money where his mouth is and is hosting a three day cyber event in South Dakota presenting reams of evidence proving beyond a doubt that the 2020 election was stolen.

The truth has to get out to the people. The Big Tech/Big Government crime family has their hands on the throat of the America citizen choking off the free speech of every person, Democrat or Republican. We need a “we the people” moment, we have to look at the evidence presented with open eyes.

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You have heard the saying “Hold the line” well, that time has come and gone. Now it is time for us to go on offense. People like Mike Lindell are leading the way. The Super moms are leading the way. The evidence is overwhelming and to ignore this is to steal the future of our children.

Have no fear, as united we are strong. The truth can not be hidden forever by the corporate media or politicians. Truth and light are the best disinfectants.

Cheating is NOT winning!

Get involved, have courage and keep pushing for the truth.


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