I had an online streaming YouTube video interview with Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos, a popular and charismatic web personality.
I’m not a public speaker, but I tried to very quickly explain my story as well as describe the deleterious results. The vicious trolling has had a negative impact on my career. Many people do not see it as a harmless prank when they use search engines. They believe everything Google tells them as the absolute truth. To be sure, the doppelgänger meme used against me has been a non-stop source of hilarity for many, but to me it hasn’t been very funny.
I’m now in a position where I must try to make a living from cartooning and my fine art. The latter is more difficult given I’m no longer represented by a gallery (due to the owner getting attacked by trolls), but I’m not giving up. During the golden age of editorial cartooning, there were over 2,000 PAID cartoonists at newspapers across America.
With the advent of TV and then the Internet, newspapers have waned and now there are around 40 paid cartoonists. Most of them are on the liberal side of the fence. They are Pulitzer Prize winners who endorse statism, more government and more taxes. People such as me are impugned as ‘stupid’ and ‘racist’ in their cartoons. Even though some of them are extremely well-drawn, the ideas conveyed in them can often be boiled down to what they are–crude cheap shots.  Fortunately cartoonists now have the Internet where their work can be seen free of constraints. Free speech has consequences, however—Internet trolls can freely vandalize the work and ruin the intended message.
In my case, the waters have been so muddied that many believe that I really am some kind of white supremacist calling for murder. The only way out is for me to continue to draw them and hope for some support. That said, it’s notoriously difficult to make a living as an independent cartoonist. The support the MSM cartoonists get also means they are muzzled and leashed by their masters. They lead comfortable lives and draw ‘safe’ cartoons in line with what the ruling masters want.
When Herblock died he was worth nearly $90 million. Not bad for an artist, but he was at the right paper at the right time. He bought a bunch of stock at the Washington Post early on when it was struggling and it paid off for him. A $50 million fund to help cartoonists was set up after his death. Herblock wanted to sustain cartooning and promote free speech. What happened? You can guess. The awards go to the already-rich Pulitzer Prize winners and statist cartoonists. Almost nothing goes to the needy, young, up-and-coming cartoonists. I’m urging everyone to help support any young cartoonist who speaks out against the fascist state. If you like their talent and message, contribute a $1 per month on their Patreon pages. You can support me, too—and I could use the help considering my commercial art business has dried up. 
I still have some regular clients, but I can’t get new ones. Not when they see me in a Nazi uniform on Google searches. Thanks to trolls, I must now go ‘all in’ and draw even more cartoons in order rise above the incessant trolling. It will require some tenacity on my part and some help from my friends. Thank you to all my Patreon members!