New Twitter Boss Same As The Old Twitter Boss

Cartoon published 05/02/2023

Tina’s Take

When Elon Musk first bought Twitter and announced he supported free speech, everyone thought a new day had dawned in the land of the blue bird. MAGA accounts that were unjustly suspended in the great Twitter purge of 2021 were told their accounts would be restored within 30 to 60 days. Many accounts were. Twitter reinstated President Trump’s account along with General Flynn and others. I had hoped that Musk would do the right thing and reinstate the @Grrrgraphics Twitter account that was created in 2010 and had almost 300K followers. We even had notable followers that thought our cartoons were worth sharing. Those followers included Donald Trump Jr., General Flynn, Dan Scavino, Tom Fitton, Darren J. Beattie , Randy Quaid, Juanita Broaddrick, James Woods, and the late Kirstie Alley.

We wrote least 20 ‘appeals’ to Twitter support, urging them to restore our account. After a very long wait we received this response:

Ahh, the mysterious ‘Terms of Service,’ similar to Facebook’s ever-changing ‘Community Standards.’  Twitter never stated exactly what we did to violate their ‘Terms of Service’ but we have an idea…we told the truth. Why is Musk scared of our cartoons? Didn’t he say he believed in free speech? Looks like for him it’s ‘free speech for me and not for thee.’ Yeah, that old canard.

We accept your terms and have created a NEW GrrrGraphics Twitter account where we will once again post the truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

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Ben Garrison’s Take:

When Elon Musk took over Twitter we had high hopes for our quick reinstatement. We saw conservative voices being restored to their full Twitter glory and many of those voices once followed us. Musk even quickly restored neo-Nazi and serial harasser Andrew Anglin.  So we waited. And waited. Finally we were told we were permanently banned. Why? We weren’t told.

At GrrrGraphics we are independent. Unlike the establishment cartoonists who spew leftist, globalist propaganda, we have no editor telling us what we can and cannot draw. We also do not receive a regular paycheck. We depend on the kindness of those out there who like our cartoons. Getting banned from Twitter and Facebook seriously limits our reach.

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There is no reason our free speech should be banned. We’ve never called for violence. I’m not a member of any controversial group. We weren’t at the January 6 protest, but we do support all the victims who were rounded up by Pelosi and her FBI and tossed into a dark slammer without due process—and where they continue to be treated brutally. We will not buy into the ‘a man can be a woman’ delusion. We are against Klaus Schwab. We are against the Federal Reserve and the corrupt big banks. We are against the criminal Biden and his Deep State controllers. I have drawn countless cartoons so it’s difficult to speculate which one caused them to shut us down and why our ban became permanent. Maybe all that matters is the powers that be, including Musk, can shut down people such as us while pretending he’s a liberator for free speech.

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In our eyes, Musk is now a proven hypocrite. On Bill Maher’s show, Musk unctuously and with great virtue-signaling flair announced,

“We must protect free speech — and free speech only matters, it’s only relevant, when it’s someone you don’t like saying something you don’t like.”

Musk certainly doesn’t tolerate us or our opinions. I once even drew cartoons that favored Musk and encouraged him to uncage free speech for everyone. Obviously those cartoons are now rendered inaccurate.

In my opinion Musk cannot be trusted. He amassed his fortune under suspicious circumstances and advocates horrific trans-humanist things such as brain chip implants. His company is aligned with the green movement and he received billions of dollars in government subsidies paid for by US taxpayers. He’s no hero—he might be controlled opposition doing the bidding for evil people such as Klaus Schwab and the central bankers who want to rule the world.

In a rocket-like explosion, Musk blew up our free speech and don’t be surprised if more MAGA-minded patriots are shut down.

—Ben Garrison

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