New York Kangaroo Court Fines Trump $355 Million

Cartoon published 02/17/2024

In a trial as ugly as Judge Engoron’s face, Trump was found guilty of being the biggest threat to the Deep State’s Joe Biden. Charged with financial fraud that never existed, the corrupt judge ruled Trump must pay over $350 million dollars—even though there was neither a crime nor a victim. Testimony showed that the bank who loaned trump money was paid back faster than expected and very happy with Trump as their client, but the judge said Trump overstated his collateral. Engoron abused his position as judge and made up figures out of his imagination. He invented a crime out of his imagination as well. What a crock. What an outrage. What a farce! It resembled a Soviet show trial. 

New York Attorney General Letitia James ran on the platform of ‘getting Trump.’ She colluded with her ally, the anti-Trump Engoron, to achieve that goal, which consisted of humiliating Trump in the eyes of the voters, and in the process deliver a big financial blow to the former President. What they have done amounts to election interference. The Democrats are always mewling about their ‘democracy,’ but if necessary they’ll happily trample upon it to achieve their goals. That includes warping and tramping on our system of justice. 


Judge Engoron loved mugging for the TV cameras throughout the trial and he became downright gleeful when delivering his decision. Biased and corrupt, he actually laughed as he served up the verdict. 

Trump will appeal the decision and he will probably win unless the next tier is corrupt as Engoron’s court. Is the Supreme Court also corrupt? When personal prejudice overrides written law, then there’s not much hope for our country. If the decision is allowed to stand, the Democrats will be emboldened to go after anyone who poses a remote threat to their rule.

The Marxist Democrats, with the help of the Uni-party RINO Republicans, want permanent control. Their operatives populate the FBI, CIA, and the NSA and many other government departments. It’s known as the ‘Deep State.’ Democrat operatives also exist in the court system—especially in the blue states. They have rigged the voting system. Everything has been weaponized against their adversaries. The United States now resembles the old Soviet Union. The Soviet, er, Democrat Party will be emboldened to crush their opposition if this decision is allowed to stand.

Trump is our last hope to make America great again—and they can’t stand that he might regain office. They worry that even with dead people voting and their mail-in ballot fraud scheme…it may not be enough.

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Our Founding Fathers would be very disappointed if they could see just how far America has fallen. Our borders are wide open while we are engaged in foreign wars and entanglements. Criminals are allowed to go free, while innocent citizens such as Trump are harassed with law-fare. If our legal institutions are corrupt and it’s only further proof that our nation has fallen.

Our Republic is being replaced by a banana republic.

UPDATE: Truckers are now refusing to deliver goods to New York, after the court ruled Trump had to pay over $350 million fine for  fraud. The Strike is set for Monday, February 19th.

— The GrrrTeam

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