UPDATE: Sept 3, 2018  Nike gives the head kneeler, Kaepernick, his own #JustDoit campaign- Nike = SJW company.

I was a big Dallas Cowboys football fan when I was growing up. Probably because they were my Dad’s favorite team. When he decided to move our family back to Texas, I watched the Cowboys play every Sunday. I knew the names of all the players. Dad took me and my younger brother to a playoff game at Texas Stadium. He could only afford end zone seats, but we were thrilled just to be there. Roger Staubach tossed a long TD pass to Drew Pearson and he scored right in front of us. Dallas beat the Rams that day and I’ll never forget watching my favorite players in person. There were larger than life heroes to me.

The illusion of heroic NFL players has now been shattered. The spell has been broken. Sure, some good ones are still playing, but most strike me as rich, entitled showboating brats who take their fans and their country for granted. Last weekend was the final straw. I’m now boycotting the NFL.

The lefties that run Hollywood infused our movies with tiresome, rote political correctness. The left took over education and taught kids to obey big government while dumbing them down and telling them lies about US history. Feelings became more important than reason in colleges. The left controlled the mainstream media and the news narrative. Everything was increasingly slanted toward globalism and socialism. Not content with that, the left also attacked the NFL.

Football had to be controlled. Political correctness had to be injected into the sport. After all, strong men were showing too much assertiveness and aggression. Suddenly concussions became a worry. Rules proliferated. Players began wearing pink. Then the players began putting their emasculated weakness and ignorance on display by kneeling in front of our flag.

All we can do now is reject them.

It may be their ‘free speech,’ but we have free speech, too.

We need to speak out against the league and owners who are allowing the on the job protests to occur. We, the customers, our flag and country are being insulted. Our only recourse is to take our business and attention away from them.

We know that if any of us exercised our free speech at our own workplaces and began insulting customers, we would be fired. The same needs to happen in the NFL. They need to start firing players, but they probably won’t because apparently hating on President Trump is a priority in their business plan. So kneel away, you bums! I won’t be tuning in.


—Ben Garrison

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