Now Shut Up and Obey!

Dr. Fauci, the highest paid public official in the land, wants you to wear two face burkas. That’s right, if one works, why not two? One expert even suggested three masks, but he said that could cause breathing difficulties. “Could?” 

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It’s hard enough to breathe wearing just one of the damn things, but now Fauci wants to double up on that difficulty even though he knows masks don’t work. At first, he even told us they were ineffective. When the mask ‘mandates’ came out nearly a year ago I predicted that if we succumbed to wearing them that the practice will become permanent. It has—the oligarchs who are running their planned-demic want compliance. They know masks are a form of control—a form of brainwashing designed to break down our resistance to getting their deadly and unnecessary and under-tested vaccines. They’re unnecessary because COVID-19 survivability rate is 99.7 percent! We have our immune systems—we do not need to have experimental toxins forced into our bloodstreams. Once we start taking their jabs, the shots will never end. Just like the masks will never end.

The unsanitary masks are bad for our health. By impeding the inflow of oxygen and the outflow of C02, many physiological and psychological problems ensue. Masks are especially bad for young children (who rarely contract COVID-19 in the first place). Facial deformities can result. Masks hurt the development of their social skills as well as their immune systems. Masks can also lead to tooth decay, skin problems, bacterial pneumonia and they actually increase the chances of contracting the virus, which can collect in nasal passages. The masks do not stop the viral particles, which easily pass through the porous material.

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So why does Fauci want us to double down on something he knows are terrible for our health? Because he’s part of the Gates-led oligarchy and they greedily hunger for more power and control over humanity. The masks are integral to their strategy of control by instilling within us a fear of non-compliance. They know mask wearing not only weakens us physically but also it breaks down our mental resistance as more and more mandates are inevitably issued from ‘authorities’ running their burgeoning police state.

Where will it end? With Bill Gates and his fellow tyrannical mega-billionaire globalists stamping on our faces forever with their boot of totalitarianism. 

Are We SHEEP or AMERICANS? Peacefully do not comply!

—Ben Garrison 


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