Obama Treason Snake

Update November 9th, 2018- In Michelle Obama’s hostile new Book, “Becoming Michelle”  she writes ” I will not forgive Trump” and calls Trump supporters “wingnuts and kooks”

Obama likes to tout that his administration was mostly ’scandal free.’ That’s another lie from His Fraudship. Barack is desperate to protect his legacy while President Trump has been dismantling it.

Now we are seeing clearly what our first black, marxist president has been up to: Treason.

Obama, a creation of the Deep State, colluded at the highest levels. He helped to organize a coup d’état to ensure crooked Hillary was elected. She was going to complete the destruction of our Republic that Obama had started—all in order to usher in their tyrannical, globalist vision. Thankfully, Trump was elected and prevented that catastrophe.

I’ve listed many of the foul deeds and scandals perpetrated by Obama, whose real daddy was Frank Marshall Davis, a famous communist in Hawaii.

He even sounds like Davis, who also Barak’s ‘mentor.’ Obama’s grandfather was a CIA operative. The CIA helped Obama to slither into power. It’s no wonder Obama helped to further weaponize and politicize the security agencies to return the favor. The Deep State consolidated their power under his presidency. Along with the fake news media, they all tried to rig the election in favor of Hillary. They failed and now they’re doing their best to impeach Trump. They must not succeed.

I recommend “The Worst President in History, The Legacy of Barack Obama.” Written by Matt Margolis & Mark Noonan. The book lists 200 reasons why Barack was an incompetent, traitorous liar bent on destroying our country in order to usher in a globalist, socialist system. His attitude toward America is symbolized by his dirty shoes put up on the Oval Office desk.

Do a search, “Obama with feet on desk” to see what I mean. Muslims consider shoes put in the face of another to be an insult. Obama is an insult to America.

–Ben Garrison

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