Old Guy Says He’s Not Old

Cartoon published 05/01/2023

A few days ago I saw a headline on Yahoo’s extremely slanted “News” page. It read, “Biden is old. Deal with it.” 

“So that’s how the Deep State establishment is going to deal with Joe’s age issue,” I thought. Sure enough, I tuned into Bill Maher’s show (mostly to hear his interview with Elon Musk), and during the show he defended Biden as a president who has accomplished a great deal. (I laughed out loud when I heard that). He compared Joe to an elder statesman who deserves respect. He did not mention Biden’s constant gaffes, his befuddlement at the podium, his angry snarls when challenged, his weird whispering, his sniffing of children, or the obvious cognitive impairment he now constantly displays. Maher also expressed optimism that the USA would turn things around and the economy was not that bad because after all, our lying government reported a slight uptick in employment. Easy for you to say, Bill. You’re a multi-millionaire and free from the rising financial worries that most Americans are facing.

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It’s very ironic that Joe Biden won his first Senate race in 1972 by attacking his opponent as being too old and out of touch with the current state of the country. At the time, Biden was 30 years old (the minimum age to qualify as Senator.)  Biden claimed Boggs, who had been in the Senate since 1960, had been in office ‘too long.”

Biden has now been employed politically in Washington DC for over 50 years.

Boggs lost just by over 3,000 votes. He was a highly-decorated WWII veteran who, as senator, helped confirm Thurgood Marshall to the US Supreme Court. He also supported the 1964 Civil Rights Act. As for Joe, he was friends with many segregationists including Strom Thurmond. Later on, Joe made up lies that he marched along in protest with Martin Luther King Jr. as well as spending jail time with Nelson Mandela. Joe has no shame and he repeats his lies even though everyone knows they are lies. He doesn’t care. Joe lies emphatically in the hopes that his lies will help cover up a lifetime of lies, blunders, and corruption. 

Expect anyone questioning Joe’s age to be smeared as an “ageist” during his reelection bid.This will be the Democrats’ strategy and it’s already happening. Being ancient fossil is a good thing—it’s part of their identity politics strategy. By saying “Deal with it,” the Deep State implies we must deal with our own bigotry and prejudice when it comes to Biden’s age. We’re the bad guys if we mention his age—not Biden for having the audacity to run for president again when he should be looking for his next ice cream cone.

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Some octogenarians remain sharp, lucid, and are capable of offering decisions based on logic and reason. Ron Paul, for example. Biden is no Ron Paul. He’s a grouchy old man who often doesn’t know where he is or what he should say.

Call me ageist, but Dementia Joe is not only a disgrace—he’s dangerous. 

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