Its Oscar season and so I decided to draw a cartoon featuring a few rather more accurate awards for the degenerate left that Hollywood has become.

Also featured are two mini-awards. One for the inevitable gun-grabbing speech and another one to be awarded to YouTube for their blatant and disgusting silencing of conservative voices that Hillary and the left so much desire. Speaking of guns, 500 armed policeman will be at the even to guard the precious hides of those attending who want you to give up your own guns.

I drew the charming Harvey Weinstein as the biggest Oscar because he’s selflessly helped so many talented young starlets become successful. He’s shown next to his enabler, Meryl Streep. For decades she has been a friend of the capacious, towel-wearing liberal-minded producer whom she once called “God,” but she later said (Sergeant Schulz-like) that she ‘knew nothing’ about Weinstein’s constant and lurid sexcapades. Apparently she’d rather pull on her pussy hat and lambast Trump than denounce Weinstein.

Other female stars did denounce him—but only after they achieved the fame and money that they were after.

Such hypocrisy was further underlined when Roman Polanski was given an Oscar for ‘Best Director’ a few years back. Polanski couldn’t be there to accept the award personally because he’s wanted for the rape of a 13 year-old girl. Yet Streep and many others gave him a hearty standing ovation.

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Why not give Woody Allen and Kevin Spacey more awards, too? After all, the left is allowed all sorts of moral transgressions and they’re still applauded. Remember, Hollywood continued their love fest with Bill Clinton even after he took advantage of a young intern in the oval office. Not to mention all of his sexual assaults. Give Bill an Oscar, for ‘Best Rapist and President!’

Just a few things to keep in mind when watching the star-studded stage.

—Ben Garrison

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