UPDATE: July 14th 2018

GOP Lawmakers: Lisa Page Answered Many Questions Peter Strzok Refused To – She’s a Credible Witness and Cooperating

Looks like someone made a deal


Former FBI LAYER Lisa Page may find herself in contempt after not appearing on Capital Hill on Wednesday.  Page could be held in contempt as early as Friday Morning.

Lisa Page is the mistress of wormy FBI agent Peter Strzok who she was having an affair with, sharing multiple anti-Trump texts with Strzok as they tried to keep Trump from the Presidency.

According to Goodlatte, the counsel for the House Judiciary and Oversight committees have been trying to get Page to appear before congress  for nearly a month and have be delayed by various requests by Page’s lawyers saying they need more time to prepare.

Finally  it took Federal Marshalls showing up at Lisa Page’s home to finally catch her and serve her the subpoena to appear before congress.

President Trump also chided Page in a tweet released Wednesday afternoon:



Lisa Page and her partner in crime Peter Strzok should both be held accountable for their part in the greatest witch hunt in American history.

As it stands Lisa Page has finally consented to testify behind closed doors on Friday meeting with two committees on Friday afternoon.

About time- Who does she think she is ? Hillary Clinton?




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