Rand Paul Takes On Dr. Death, Fauci

Forgive me if I’ve become a bit jaded and cynical. I know those should be traits intrinsic to editorial cartoonists anyway, but once upon a time I held out hope that Hillary would be locked up. I thought the obvious election fraud of 2020 would be overturned. I never thought our country would be locked down, masked up, and pushed to the precipice of mandatory experimental vaccinations. I never thought I’d see free speech viciously trampled upon by the Democrat Party.

I don’t expect anyone to be punished for criminally shutting down our First Amendment. The Democrats have no respect for it and continue to get away with their open borders, their money laundering in Ukraine, and their contempt for our freedoms. They are getting away with their election fraud so obviously exhibited during the midterms.

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The biggest pro-Democrat and pro-medical tyranny criminal is Anthony Fauci. I refuse to call him ‘Dr.’ because doctors are supposed to do no harm, but Fauci is responsible for the death of millions of human beings. He funneled millions of American taxpayer dollars to a Chinese bioweapons lab in Wuhan. The pre-planned release  of the virus was designed to murder millions, perhaps billions in a plan to help depopulate the planet while at the same time fabulously enriching the Big Pharma vaccine makers. A man that has no problem torturing and murdering beagles will not hesitate to murder humans. It’s not about science. It’s about sadism. Now ‘mini Mengele’ is talking about the return of masks and lockdowns. How will we stop him?


Senator Rand Paul certainly wants to stop him and he plans to conduct hearings in Congress. He claims Fauci ‘won’t get away.’ He has certainly gotten ‘away’ with everything so far. He’s the top paid bureaucrat in the country and stands to rake in a half million dollars annually with his pension. Fauci lied to Congress and treated Rand Paul and his other opponents with dripping contempt. He got away with it. He’s still getting away with it.

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Can Paul slay the man who helped the Chinese dragon inflict death and medical tyranny on us all? I have my doubts. Fauci, like Hillary and all the other globalist swamp dwellers, is untouchable. He’s a member of the protected caste. He’s above the law. Paul might be able to snip some of the tail off the dragon. It might be the best we can hope for.

— Ben Garrison


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