RINO Republicans just here for the Money- They hate the base

Cartoon published 10/21/2023

The Republicans remain a divided party. The battle between the RINOs and the forces of MAGA are in conflict and are unable to elect a House Speaker.

Many voters vote for Republican candidates while believing they will represent them in Congress and stand up to the Bolshevik Democrat Party. Instead, they discover those Republicans are  Republicans In Name Only. They bow down to big money lobbyists, corporate donors, and globalists. They go along to get along and compromise with the Democrats.

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The Democrats are far more unified than the Republicans. They are delighted to see a divided Republican Party while they employ the exact same talking points. For example, Trump’s supporters are vilified as being “extreme MAGA,” and ‘cult members.’ They want to make Trump look like a nut job such as Marshall Applewhite and his Heaven’s Gate comet-worshipping cult, or perhaps something more sinister such as implying Trump is another Jim Jones. The Democrats play hardball and too many Republicans join in to help them. They are ’never Trumpers’ who would rather see a Democrat president in office rather than Trump. The RINO Republicans are also war mongers and big spenders. They are perfectly happy to help the Democrats destroy the middle class through inflation and IRS harassment. RINOs like Don Bacon NE-02 need to be primaried, removed from office and replaced with America First Republicans.

The corporate media, including Fox News, are firmly behind the Deep State Swam Uniparty and against Trump and his supporters. They constantly attack Matt Gaetz and other MAGA Republicans as ‘insurrectionists’ who want to shut down their precious government. Maybe it needs to be shut down for a while. Right now Congress seems bent on war, pork spending, and taking away the rights and liberties of individuals while promoting open borders. war, and woke globalist nonsense such as ‘climate change.’

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Our country is divided. Only Trump can provide some semblance of unity for the Republicans.

— The GrrrTeam

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