Ron DeSantis Presidential Launch ‘Alienating MAGA’

Cartoon published 05/25/2023

Ron DeSantis announced his presidential candidacy by means of a glitch-filled ‘Twitter spaces’ event.

While we at GrrrGraphics applaud DeSantis for his exemplary job as governor of Florida, we question his ability to compete against the wildly popular Trump.

DeSantis has the support of the Bush family—especially Jeb (please clap) Bush. He also has the support of many of the remaining neocons in the party who want to wrest back control for themselves and away from Trump and his MAGA-minded followers.

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While DeSantis has done a good job fighting a rainbow flag waving Micky Mouse, he can’t compete with Trump in the charm and personality department. The only way DeSantis can win primaries is if the neocons rig things for him. The Republican Party is certainly capable of that. They cheated Ron Paul out of primary victories. Similarly, the Democrats cheated Bernie Sanders and skewed things toward a Hillary Clinton victory. We doubt the Republicans would pull such stunts that would only further alienate Trump supporters, but they are desperate…so who knows?

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We predict the Democrats will again steal the presidential election with the help of the FBI and CIA. They definitely will not steal it if RFK Jr is the Democrat nominee. After all, he has accused the CIA of assassinating his uncle. So look for Kennedy to get the ‘Bernie’ treatment in the primaries. Who knows….we could see crooked Hillary return to replace the doddering Biden at the last minute.

Regardless, we expect a fireworks-filled presidential election season.  Signed Print Available

— The GrrrTeam

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