DeSantis and Bootgate

Cartoon published 11/01/2023

Ron DeSantis tried to reboot his sinking presidential campaign, but he instead tripped over his own feet when ‘bootgate’ went viral on social media platforms.

Ron’s footwear caught the eye of the public when people started noticing the cowboy boots DeSantis was wearing. It seemed as if he had ‘lifts’ in them as well as four inch toe boxes. DeSantis wanted to give his poll numbers a ‘lift,’ so perhaps he thought wearing giant boots would help him look taller. It’s similar to Pence rolling into Iowa on a motorcycle and wearing leather. They both wanted to project a taller, more macho image, like the sheriff in ‘Walking Tall.’

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Most men would like to be taller, but the issue is this: Ron felt so insecure that he had to boost his stature by means of giant boots. We don’t want to be a heel about this matter, but Ron should have realized they were way out of scale. Regardless, DeSantis could stand on a ladder and be 11 foot-tall and still he wouldn’t measure up to Trump. The best campaign strategy for Ron at this point? Drop out of the race and endorse Donald Trump.

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Can the DeSantis presidential campaign regain its ‘footing,’ or will Ron continue to trip over his own oversized boots? Will his poll numbers sink until they dive underwater like that submarine in the movie, “Das Boot?”

DeSantis needs to get back to work at what he does best—being the Governor of Florida.

We will ‘kick’ back and see how this square dance plays out!

—The GrrrTeam

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