The State Of The Onion

Cartoon published 03/08/2024

I once drew Joe Biden as a potato. After all, many refer to him as a vegetable…a ‘Joe-tato.’ As Joe continues to vegetate it seems reasonable to draw a variation. Here he is, presented as an onion—an old onion with raspy skin and many lines.

The State of the Union speech also revealed the state of the onion. My first impression of Joe’s delivery was that he was very LOUD. It’s obvious they pumped him up to his gills with some meth-like substance. People with dementia often exhibit anger and Joe sounded jacked up and angry.

His first topic wasn’t even about the state of our union! It was about Ukraine. ‘Dark Brandon’ wants to send endless billions of dollars in taxpayer money to fund a losing war in a country where we should have no interest. He also wants to build a pier of some sort so we can ship taxpayer-paid goods to Hamas while also sending billions of dollars to Israel. Joe wants to play both sides. It would be better if our country stayed out of wars a half planet away. Maybe we should at least stop the ongoing invasion into our own country first. 

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Many of us expected him to embarrass the country as well as himself. He’s done that already many times. On second thought, Biden is beyond embarrassment, just like his son Hunter. The Biden family seems to have no shame and Joe is detached from most Americans. He’s a sociopathic criminal without a conscience. He lives in another world…a world of great privilege and protection. He doesn’t have to worry about getting accosted by one of his illegal immigrants.

There is no heart in the onion that is Joe. He gleefully announced he would overturn Roe vs. Wade himself to make sure endless millions of unborn babies are easily massacred. This is something the Democrat Party pushes and applauds…even abortion up until the day a baby is born. It’s enough to make one cry, but onions tend to do that.

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Overall, Joe delivered an angry campaign stump speech—not a State of The Union address. There was nothing in the speech to unite Americans. Instead he delivered the same tired lies and partisan palaver. Orange man bad! Pay your fair share! (he never tells us what is fair). The January 6 insurrection was nearly as bad as the Civil War! Grab the guns!

Then came his obligatory climate change push—even though most Americans know it’s all a hoax and don’t care about it. They’re too busy working to pay inflated grocery prices, even though Biden assures them the economy is great and inflation is going down. 

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People know Joe is gaslighting them. His speech may have pleased his far-left radical base, but most Americans probably saw him as the doddering old man likely to shout, “Get off my lawn!” If one peels back his layers,  only more mean-spirited lies would be found.

In essence, the Democrat Party’s solutions are circularly destructive. Their bonehead Marxist policies cause grave problems. Their perpetual solution? Bigger and more intrusive government.


Joe’s most egregious insult occurred when he mentioned Laken Riley. She was murdered by one of Joe’s illegal immigrants. He called her “Lincoln Riley.” Joe either didn’t care or he had no clue about her just ahead of his speech, but that’s Joe Biden. Careless and clueless.

— Ben Garrison

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