Fauci Lied, People Died.. Trump Hints he will “Fire Fauci” after election day-

Trump condemned the ‘Deep State’ by name and said they’ve been dragging their feet when it comes to a vaccine for the coronavirus.

I won’t take any sort of vaccine regardless and I’ll especially resist a ‘mandatory’ vaccine. Fauci is a puppet of Bill Gates.

CNN claims there is no such thing as a Deep State. That’s one of their more outrageous lies. The Deep State consists of unelected forces who influence government and policy. Remember when Hillary said she takes orders from her ‘mothership,’ The Council of Foreign Relations?’ What about all the UN and their World Health Organization? What about a legion of NGOs and foundations such as the pernicious Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation? I don’t recall voting for Bill Gates as a health and vaccine authority. We also have no say who attends the very influential Bilderberg meetings, held annually. Or the World Economic Forum and all the other acronyms bent on telling us all how things are going to be.

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There is also a shadow government consisting of career government functionaries and bureaucrats who are mostly appointees. Presidents come and go, but they remain in place pushing their levers of power to advance and destroy careers. Examples of this are John Brennan and Peter Strzok. They tried to bring down a lawfully elected president.

As for Dr. Atlas, here is what Dr. Paul had to say about the matter:

…”President Trump’s hiring of Dr. Scott Atlas to his coronavirus task force may just be that good news we need. As the media has reported, President Trump has sidelined headline-hogging Anthony Fauci in favor of Atlas, the former Stanford University Medical Center chief of neuroradiology. 

Recall, Fauci was the “expert” who told us a few months ago that we would never be able to shake hands again.”  

Dr. Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a former medical Doctor and knows what he is talking about.

—Ben Garrison