This was a commissioned cartoon.

Big Tech is waging war against conservatives.  After the 2016 election, they are even more determined to go all in and censor free speech. Or at least speech that does not support their leftist ideology.

Here’s some examples summarized from American Greatness online.

  • Google announced it would partner with George Soros-backed Poytner Institute to “fact check” search functions. So now, Soros will be the arbiter of truth in search.
  • Amazon admitted to removing negative reviews of Hillary Clinton’s book.
  • Apple removes pro-life prayer app from App store because the left wing complained
  • Facebook employees admitted they were instructed to remove positive news stores that were trending about conservatives
And that does not even cover the shennigans going on at YouTube by their Big G overlords. Conservative voices are being shut down.It is time for Congress to act to protect the First Amendment and the values fundamental to the republic.

-Ben Garrison

Tweeted by Donald Trump, Jr.

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