Another Democrat conspiracy theory “Trump is forcing the USPS to remove Mailboxes so You can’t vote”

The real issue is the Democrats push for “cheat by mail” the only way they can steal the election!

Just like all the other hoaxes they pushed in the last 3 1/2 years, the Great Mail Box Hysteria of 2020 is just another attempt to keep Trump from being reelected.

In reality, mailboxes are ALWAYS being removed or moved around..that’s what the USPS does. At least 14,000 were removed during the Obama-Biden administration and no one even noticed!  But Orange Man is a tyrant! Bad Orange Man bad!

The boring truth is that the US Postal Service is losing money and low volume mailboxes are regularly removed to cut costs. Orange man had nothing to do with it!


The REAL issue is the Democrats are pushing for mail in voting, the easy way to steal an election! If you can protest in person and shop at the grocery store, then you can vote in person!

Now you know the “rest of the story”.




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