“The Disrupters” Fire alarms are not door openers, Bowman

Cartoon published 10/02/2023

Democrats were trying to delay a key vote that concerned the funding of the government, so their fellow Democrat and representative Jamaal Bowman came to the rescue and pulled a fire alarm.

He claimed it was merely a bonehead mistake. (This coming from a former high school principal who should be quite familiar with fire alarms).

The New York Democrat said he pulled it by accident, thinking it might open up a door. His fellow Democrat apparatchiks naturally believed his story. Oh no, he shouldn’t be punished for illegally disrupting a vote on the floor of Congress—that’s ridiculous! But the J6 protesters were thrown in dungeons for far less. Many received harsh sentences—some as long as 22 years for protesting a stolen election. Bowman on the other hand will probably end up getting rewarded.

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Bowman is part of the D.C. Swamp and that makes him immune from censure. It’s another blatant example of our corrupt system of justice. The Democrats can do no wrong, but Trump supporters are painted as insurrectionists and criminals who belong in gulags. If a MAGA Republican had thrown that fire alarm, you can bet he’d be facing charges. 

Bowman is a Bolshevik disrupter—one of many. He’s a small scale example. A large scale example is George Soros. He has thrown millions of dollars around to get his ilk elected as DAs in order to punish Trump while letting criminals go free. The result are crime-ridden cities and chaos—just what Soros wants. Once America is destroyed, socialism will reign and Soros hopes he (or his son) will be part of the ‘ruling elite’ who control the populace.

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Another example is World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab, who makes no bones about wanting to be the globalist dictator. He claims to control a great many politicians in our country (mostly Democrats) and they all do his bidding. In Canada he controls Trudeau. In America it’s Biden. His ‘great reset’ agenda is being executed by such leaders. You never voted for Schwab? Too bad, he has stolen your vote. You have no say. Do as your told! Eat ze bugs!

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Another unelected tinhorn dictator is Mark Zuckerberg who threw hundreds of millions of dollars at key precincts to control the result of the 2020 presidential election. He got to swing the election to Biden by means of drop boxes, mail-in fraud, and hacked voting machines. He was able to buy and ‘reset’ the results.

I’m officially ringing the alarm bell and warning everyone about what we are dealing with here—and I make no apologies. 

— Ben Garrison

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