The Giant Awakens


The American people are waking up.

Trump’s main campaign promise was the wall. It’s what got him elected and it remains much needed. Congress left him no alternative, so he declared a national emergency. That won’t make Deep State globalists back down. We can expect them to intensify their resistance to the wall. Get ready for the Deep State to stage more false flags like the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax . What does a desperate animal do when cornered? Stay alert and don’t let the Deep State divide us.

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The Swamp will continue their efforts to keep Trump tied down at every turn. Many of the anti-Trump Deep State players need to be called out for who they really are: Traitors. It’s time they all face justice.  We hope AG Barr will deliver justice and credibility to the DOJ, unlike his predecessor Jeff Sessions.

This was a supporter’s suggestion of a cartoon using the ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ metaphor. Considering President Trump’s situation, it seemed appropriate.

Special thanks to Joyce M.

—Ben Garrison

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