The January 6th Insurrection Narrative Has Been Destroyed

Cartoon published 11/20/2023

And just like that, Speaker Mike Johnson released the rest of the January sixth videos that were hidden for over six months during UniParty Kevin McCarthy’s swampy term as Speaker of the House.  

Everything the January 6th Committee told us about the so called ‘insurrection’ was a lie. Trump supporters were set up. The Committee served as means to obscure the fact that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen. It was a means to drive fear into the hearts of conservatives who might object when elections are again stolen in the future.

The faux ‘insurrection’ provided fake news to the Democrat regime media. Their airwaves were filled 24/7 to make Trump seem responsible. They claimed that January sixth was more horrible than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. If you watch the newly released footage you can see the Capitol Police opening doors for the protesters and then guiding them into the Capitol. Hardly a Pearl Harbor.

You will also see secret FBI provocateur Ray Epps, who urged people to protest while shouting, “We must go into the Capitol!” You will see the MAGA-minded protesters expressing respect for the police and walking carefully through the building.

President Trump asked Speaker Nancy Pelosi on that fateful day to send more police and National Guard and Nancy refused. She wanted chaos and the chance to set up and frame Trump supporters who were peacefully protesting a stolen election. The ‘insurrection’ narrative took the wind out of the stolen election claim. The insurrection was actually a “Fedsurrection.” 

The January 6th Committee told one lie after another. Liz Cheney and proven liar Adam ‘pencil neck’ Schiff released select, heavily-edited footage. They refused to release nearly 40,000 hours of security camera footage that told the real truth.

Lock them up!

Protesters were arrested and thrown into Pelosi’s gulag in Washington DC where they have languished for over two years without a trial. Five have committed suicide rather than suffer under the DC gulag’s abuse and humiliation. It is well known that Pelosi’s sadistic guards routinely beat prisoners who were Trump supporters. I’ll wager Pelosi or Hillary would love to dole out the beatings themselves. Pelosi used a corrupt FBI to ensnare patriotic Americans who simply walked inside the Capitol without realizing how truly evil and corrupt the people in our federal government and media had become.

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If they had realized it, they certainly would have turned around before going in through the doors held open by the corrupt Capitol Police. The whole thing was a set up from beginning to end. The FBI had so many paid informants in the crowd that day that they lost track of the count. The DC Mayor, the Capitol Police, the FBI, and Speaker Pelosi, were all in on it and they didn’t want us to know what really happened. Now we know. And now the whole world will know.

We must hold the Soviet-style January 6th Committee and the FBI accountable.

We must free the January sixth political prisoners NOW. 

What’s the punishment for treason? Asking for 75 million friends.

—The GrrrTeam

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