Joe Biden RFK Jr 2024 Debate

Cartoon published 06/27/2023

There was a video circulating recently that showed RFK Jr. working out. Apparently RFK Jr. is in great physical shape—especially for his age at 69. He’s a ‘push up’ machine.

Joe Biden not so much.

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Bobby is also in great intellectual shape. RFK Jr. was one among a few to warn us about the Covid vaccines and the corrupt figure of Anthony Fauci. He was proven right, but Big Pharma has purchased an alliance with the legacy corporate media and medical establishment—and that’s why they’re eager to smear RFK Jr. at every turn. However, few of their bought-out operatives will debate him because RFK Jr. can marshal facts and data originating from real science.

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It’s doubtful that Sleepy Joe will be on a debate stage with RFK Jr, either. It’s more likely Biden will run another campaign mostly from his basement. Biden knows he’s simply not smart enough, even though he claimed he finished near the top of his class in college. (He finished near the bottom). RFK Jr. on the other hand, is an accomplished scholar. The debate would be no contest—Biden would lose in a humiliating rout. (That is, if Joe is even capable of feeling humiliation at this point). That’s why he will not debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Perhaps the ruling Democrats will once again keep Biden on ice like they did in 2020 while they rig another election. Or perhaps they will announce a ‘change of batter’ in the ninth inning.

— The GrrrTeam

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