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Cartoon published 06/20/2023

Breaking News: Hunter Biden Biden will plead guilty to willful failure to pay federal income tax. He will enter a “pretrial diversion program” regarding his gun crime, indicating that he will face no jail time. A slap on the wrist by our two tier justice system as President Trump faces 100 years in prison in trumped up document hoax.

The FBI continues to destroy justice in America. They are the strong arm of the Democrat Marxist Party. The FBI is becoming the old KGB.

FBI agents were infiltrators, directors, and participates during the January 6 protest at the Capitol—only the FBI calls it a riot and ‘insurrection.’ They set up and arrested as many protestors as they could, whether they were at the Capitol building or not. They used an obvious ‘glowie,’ Ray Epps to lure protestors into the Capitol dome, thus entrapping them. They continue to round up people such as Stewart Rhodes, the leader of ‘Oath Keepers,’ and use Democrat judges to mete out ridiculously long prison sentences based on little or no evidence.

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Christopher Wray refused to hand over to Congress a non-classified document that proves Joe Biden took bribes and sold out his country. Wray only relented when threatened with contempt of Congress charges and impeachment. We know the FBI hid Hunter Biden’s laptop evidence to help his father win the presidential election. The FBI influences elections by suppressing and banning conservative voices on Twitter and Facebook. They lied to judges in order to obtain warrants and permission to spy on Trump and his campaign. The FBI will not turn over the manifesto written by the trans-male girl, Audrey Hale, who murdered people at a Christian school in Tennessee. The FBI covered up information about Seth Rich and will not release that, either. For some reason the FBI now gets to control free speech and access to information by real journalists (the corporate media as long been compromised—they are propagandists, not journalists).

The US security agencies are unaccountable. They are allowed to do what they want.

Cutting off funding to the FBI is a solution, but it’s doubtful anyone in Congress will have the gumption to do that. Sure, they will complain mightily as did Senator Ted Cruz when he questioned Paul Abbate, the deputy FBI director. Abbate stonewalled Cruz at every turn and would not answer questions, yet he was not arrested for contempt of Congress. Someone needs to do more than complain about the FBI. It may be hopeless to cut off funding to the CIA—they probably make their cash from the globalists and by means of drug dealing, but the FBI can be shut down by cutting off their funding. Congress won’t do it. Instead, we will continue to hear complaints only.

It’s time to dismantle the FBI before it completely dismantles us. 

— Ben Garrison

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We are fundraising for 2023, You can also keep GrrrGraphics online with a purchase!  Visit our Best sellers! Click now!

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