Hunter Biden Gives the Middle Finger to America

Cartoon published 01/11/2024

House Judiciary members were ready to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress when Hunter himself showed up to express contempt of his own.

He openly mocked the GOP committee members and the American people. It’s funny how the entire Biden family continues to flip America a stiff mid digit—and they always get away with it. Hunter knows he has a stay out of jail free card. As long as the big guy is in the White House, Hunter has little to fear.

With Hunter’s unexpected appearance, the House descended into disorder and tensions rose. Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC) went off on Biden:

“You are the epitome of white privilege. I think Hunter Biden should be arrested right here, right now and go straight to jail!”

Hunter refused to comment.

As soon as GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene began to question Hunter, he strode out of the hearing, running away like a petulant child who’d been caught and sent to his room.

“Hunter can’t handle being held accountable for the crimes he has committed,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. That’s not exactly true. He can handle it and he’s showing contempt for all of us. Hunter will be pardoned before he ever catches sight of a jail cell.

Will the GOP House hold Hunter Biden accountable? It’s doubtful that anyone there will lift a finger to make that happen.

—The GrrrTeam

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