The Rat Who Trapped Himself- Michael Cohen

Cartoon published 05/21/2024

Conflicted Judge Merchan was irate. He prevented Trump’s defense team from bringing their star witness to the stand. He threatened those who were rolling their eyes. He went apoplectic because his rigged case against Trump is not going the way he and Prosecutor Bragg had planned.

Michael Cohen, their star witness, ended up exonerating Trump when he admitted he stole $60,000 from him. Cohen is known as ’the rat’ for good reason. Like many lawyers, he’s an opportunist on the lookout for quick cash and power—he proved that by stabbing his client in the back when Trump failed to appoint him to Chief of Staff. Cohen is now disbarred, but he’s still profiting from Trump hatred and he’s even hinted he may run for Congress to join his fellow rats.


Cohen is not just a traitor, he’s also a perjurer, tax cheat, and convicted felon. Yet somehow the Democrat legacy media portrayed him as a credible and honorable witness—just because he hates Trump. There was a gag order on Trump, but not Cohen. He took Trump’s money and now he wants to take away Trump’s freedom. Or at least harm his current reelection bid.

The trial is something out of the former Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. We see a biased, pro-Biden judge who, along with the prosecution, hates Trump and is determined to abuse our system of justice in order to railroad him toward conviction—when in reality there has been no crime committed. Will the leftist jury convict Trump anyway? Perhaps. Trump is being unfairly tried in enemy territory. Don’t be surprised if the jurors have been bribed to make sure they produce a guilty verdict.

We are witnessing a dark stain on the American justice system. Not to mention the tremendous waste of taxpayer money when Bragg and his crew could be prosecuting real crime, which is now abundant in New York City.

— Ben Garrison

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