New York Putting The Left’s Big Thumb On The Scale Of Justice

Cartoon published 02/22/2024

The New York state Attorney General, Letitia James, sounded happy and victorious when she announced she would seize buildings owned by Trump in New York City if he doesn’t pay the $355 million dollar civil fine imposed upon him by the clearly biased judge and James ally, Arthur Engoron. James ran her Attorney General election campaign based on one platform: Locking criminals up in New York. Ooops! I’m wrong—her sole goal was getting Trump. She actually stated that was her goal. Go after Trump and then invent the crime. 

We’re in a banana republic now—I’ve stated that before, but I always hoped I was wrong and merely exaggerating…but obvious evidence continues to pour in proving our nation has gone bananas.

Many of our institutions have already been politicized—the FBI, CIA, IRS, and many other branches of the Deep State Swamp are clearly operating to punish Trump and protect Biden and the Democrats. Now we can add the justice system to the list — at least courts operating in blue cities and states. This means all conservative business owners in blue areas are in danger. Biden promised to unite Americans, but he, like Obama, has done his best to divide us. Blue courts attacking red businesses are just another example of that division.

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Engoron’s decision was not justice—his was a Stalin-like show trial designed to ‘get Trump’ despite zero evidence. There was no crime committed. There was no victim. Trump did nothing wrong, but now he must cough up a ludicrous $355 million before he can appeal. If the judge (and James) hate Trump so much, why wasn’t the fine $1 billion? Or $3 billion? 

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It’s disgusting to see Engoron and James celebrate and laugh as they enjoy their ‘victory,’ — a mockery of justice.

I can understand why Trump said he would not go after the criminals who are trying to destroy him. He said he was going to lock up Hillary, then changed his mind once elected. That only encouraged Hillary and her ilk to pull dirty rotten tricks on Trump when he was president. She and the Deep State traitors still haven’t given up. They are playing hard ball in a battle for the Republic. Now the biased, anti-Trump blue courts are playing hardball. Let’s hope Trump, once elected, throws hard balls right back at them. 

Only then could we see a modicum of justice.

— Ben Garrison

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