Beware of bright shiny objects

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Chinese Super Spy balloon? Nope, that is sooo last week.

It’s a UFO and Biden is finally protecting the American people by blasting them out of the sky!

Or is he?

Funny how all of the sudden there have been multiple UFO sightings in the last seven days. Seems a little bit staged doesn’t it? First it was a Chinese spy balloon floating about Montana and drifting across the entire country. It was finally shot down over the coast of North Carolina.

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This week US air space has been violated more than Hunter Biden’s favorite Russian prostitute.

What are they trying to distract us from? All the news that they don’t want you to know or ask questions about.

The Biden administration has been exposed as terrorists. Along with the CIA, they were responsible for blowing up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which they quickly and blamed on Russia. Why would Russia blow up their own pipeline? They wouldn’t. US Military personnel planted explosives on the pipeline and later remote-detonated them. Seems that Biden committed an act of terrorism. He started a war without the consent of Congress. Sounds a bit ‘impeachy’ to us.

The mass genocide as a result of the Covid death jabs can not be covered up anymore. More countries are calling for accountability for the millions of deaths caused by the experimental and rushed-out vaccines. Project Veritas exposed Pfizer’s plans for all to see. They are planning on mutating the virus so they can sell more vaccines and rake in even more billions of dollars.

The Biden classified document scandal grows bigger each day, but hey, Trump did it too, so that means Biden is innocent, right? Wrong.

The Epstein client list will be released soon and public figures will be implicated. Who will it be? Bill Clinton? Prince Andrew? Or maybe someone you would never expect?


Did you hear about the apocalyptic chemical disaster unfolding in East Palestine Ohio that the media and state agencies have been trying to cover up? Not since Three Mile Island has such a toxic environmental disaster occurred. It has turned eastern Ohio into a dystopian scene from a nuclear winter. A train derailed—and while the accident had no fatalities, of those ten cars, five contained pressurized vinyl chloride—a highly flammable carcinogenic gas.  Let’s say the state’s plan to do a controlled burn to eliminate the toxic chemicals backfired and now fish, animals, and even family pets are dropping dead across the Ohio country side. Oh, but look! Aliens!

Of course the White House doesn’t want you to notice that Ukraine is losing the war with Russia. Biden and his war mongering allies have poured billions of tax payer dollars down a Ukraine toilet bowl to save a so-called ‘democracy,’ yet Russia is still winning. The Ukraine grifters want to amass more yachts and even more expensive mansions while they can. You in America get nothing but high crime, inflation, open borders, more taxes, and a corrupt government that wants to control your every move.

So don’t look at all those events. Just keep your eyes on the bright shiny objects in the sky because who knows, an ‘alien invasion’ false flag might be right around the corner!



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