Ka-Ching! The World’s ATM, the USA

Cartoon published 01/02/2023

The United States has become the world’s ATM. 

Any war or crisis that might break out somewhere on the planet automatically triggers the USA to begin spitting out as much money as necessary to deal with the problem. Other countries need not have an ATM card. America will generously dispense the dough automatically. US taxpayers (AKA ‘chumps’) pay for it all by means of inflation.

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The most important state in the United States is Israel. Considering the vast and ongoing fortunes we send them, it may as well be our 51st state. On the other hand, we wouldn’t protect Israel’s borders as fervently as we do if they were part of the union. America also sends money to Palestine in the form of humanitarian aid. It’s a naive thing to do considering how Hamas controls the Palestinians. They won’t even allow their civilians to vacate territory even when Israel warns them and gives them two weeks to leave. The Palestinians do what Hamas tells them to do. 

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One of our many arch-enemies is supposed to be Iran, but we have sent them billions of dollars, which they have spent arming and training troops to attack Israel. We have sent Ukraine over a 100 billion dollars even though their war is clearly hopeless. (I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Zelensky sold many of the weapons we sent them to foreign countries and entities such as Hamas). Zelensky must be miffed that he no longer has first access to the USA ATM. That privilege now goes to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Zelensky is now saying he feels ‘betrayed.’  

Millions of people from all over the world are pouring into America illegally through our southern border. Traitor Joe is not only doing nothing to stop it, he’s actively encouraging it — and he gleefully provides the invaders with access to the ATM. 

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Almost every time there has been a conflict in the world, America is Yankee-Doodle on the spot to provide money, arms, and troops. When did we become the world’s policemen? Few dare to even object to this folly. Interventionists (war mongers) sarcastically call us ‘appeasers’ and ‘isolationists.’

Our Founding Fathers warned us against foreign entanglements. They preferred isolationism.

We need to follow their advice. 

— Ben Garrison

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