Woke Corporations Push Trans Insanity

Cartoon published 04/10/2023

More and more corporations are receiving pressure not only from the globalist forces of ‘woke’ but also from their own HR Departments to put transexual representatives in their advertising.

The latest example of this is Budweiser, who hired a loopy, wide-eyed, over-projecting man pretending to be a woman to push their product. Few expect their customer base, the lower and middle class working men, to embrace this campaign. In fact, many will end up rejecting Budweiser altogether—much like they did with Hershey when they put a man pretending to be a woman on one of their candy bars to ‘honor women.’


If a man wants to pretend to be a woman or if a woman wants to pretend to be a man, then that’s their prerogative. Freedom dictates we let them do what they want as long as they’re not harming others. Still, there is no such thing as ‘trans.’ It’s scientifically impossible for a man to become a woman. He lacks the genetics as well as the ovaries. Sure, he can take hormones, get breast implants and sexually mutilate himself, but he’ll never be able to have ovaries or the correct genetic DNA makeup by sheer force of will.

When they say a trans woman is a real woman, it’s a lie.

It’s a delusion and they’re certainly entitled to delude themselves. The problem occurs when they insist you join them in their delusion—by mass media persuasion at first and then by force. This may happen in Canada. Those questioning the trans movement could end up getting fined or imprisoned for ‘hate speech’ if the anti-free speech far-left loons have their way.

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Here in America Joe Biden said that trans people ‘are the soul of the nation.’ No they’re not. Joe is a habitual liar.

The soul of the nation is freedom and if one wants to look deeper, it’s Christianity. The trans movement is at odds with all Christians. The radical trans mob cannot tolerate being told they are wrong. Their mass delusion prevails simply because they say constantly repeat that it’s possible for a man to be woman even though it’s obviously impossible. As someone said, the trans people want to be their own gods and change the laws of nature and physics simply because they think they can make it so by force of will. It’s really a form of insanity. A person cannot ’trans’ to the opposite sex any more than a cat can ‘trans’ into a dog or a rock ‘trans’ into a tree.

“It’s a MAN, baby”

Many so-called ‘trans’ people are now threatening violence. They cannot tolerate having their sensitive delusion questioned. Riley Gaines a real female swimming champion and she was recently attacked by a man wearing a dress amidst a throng of trans activists who screamed at her because she objected to having a naked ‘trans’ man in the woman’s locker room.

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The worst aspect of the trans delusion: The woke, Marxist educators are pushing it on children in schools. They try to convince confused boys that they are really girls and tell girls they are really boys. Dangerous hormone treatments and even sexual mutilation follows.

This is evil. All states must pass law banning the ‘transitioning’ of children.

The globalists continue to push the trans movement and their other big lie, ‘climate change.’ They do this to cause confusion and frustration so they can tighten their web of tyranny and mind control. Nobody wants to be a bigot or ‘anti-planet’ so they end up accepting it. I’m telling everyone to stop accepting it.

Stop accepting evil. 

Stop enabling their mental illness.

— Ben Garrison


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