Transitioning Into Violence

Cartoon published 03/28/2023

Another school shooting has occurred and this time it was carried out by a ‘trans’ person.

Apparently this person had a lot of anger about how trans people have been treated including many using her ‘dead’ name. The anger may have combined with hormone treatments, which might have led to mental illness. After all, what sane person can execute children?

Lately there has been pushback against the trans nonsense. A woman simply can’t be a man or vice versa. They can pretend to be transitioning, but they never arrive. It’s never complete because it’s impossible. It can only end in sexual mutilation and all too often after that in suicide. Still, we have the trans movement drummed into our head daily—along with climate change, which is complete bunk. Worse, Marxist educators are grooming kids and persuading them that they are really the opposite sex. Sexual mutilation of children is therefore considered a ‘right’ to some of these crazy people. This is an abomination.

The pushback is apparently angering the trans ‘community’ and they are lashing out to keep their delusion going. For some reason they want all US citizens applauding and endorsing their delusion or we are called bigots and haters. They want demonic pedophiles in libraries and classrooms for ’trans story hour.’ It’s sick.

“Trans Rights Or Else” Looks like we found out what the “Or Else” means…

Christians in particular are targeted by the communist trans establishment and it all plays into Joe Biden’s fiendish hands. After joking about ice cream, the mendacious boob launched into his predictable monologue about seizing guns. Communists do not want the people to have them.

Joe could not wait even a single day before making the murders political.

He’s also wrong. Guns do not pull their own triggers. People do. People are evil, not guns.


Our government has become a power-mad swamp that continues to grow. The Swamp may consider guns to be evil, but that’s not entirely true. They simply want a monopoly on guns. They want more powerful and control while they want the rest of us to be broke, powerless serfs who are forced to live in pods and eat bugs.

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Our sympathy goes out to the victims and families of such a wicked crime, but what occurred was not due to the of the lack of gun control. It was the lack of mental illness detection as well as a school that left doors wide open for the assailant. It’s time to keep all schools locked down. Hire a trained and competent security guard to monitor the grounds.

That’s what Biden should be pushing, but he won’t even secure our southern border.

— Ben Garrison

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