Twittergate is bigger than Watergate

The Twitter censorship scandal is a much larger than Watergate, but few mainstream media journalists will touch the story because their allegiance is not to the truth but rather to the Democrat Party.

The journalists on the left will always place their political ideology ahead of the facts. After Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi released the files, I figured it would be the lead headline on CNN—even though CNN wouldn’t like the news. But no, of course not. I watched CNN for two hours and not a peep about ’The Twitter Files.” The media on the left who did talk about it made personal attacks on Taibbi for releasing the news.

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Musk is getting death threats for revealing the truth. Others on the left said it was much ado about nothing. Of course they should censor Hunter’s personal pornography and drug use—that’s not news, just something that stirred prurient interest among the conspiracy theorists, the misinformation terrorists, and the far-right hate speech purveyors. For those cretins, censorship is a must! They seemed to have forgotten that free speech is not just about speech that is agreeable. It’s disagreeable speech that must be protected the most, or free speech will not exist.

The left wants to ignore the damning proof that Joe Biden, aka ’The Big Man,’ had multiple meetings with his son’s bribery associates (including Chinese communists) as he raked in a 10 percent pay-for-play fee. That IS the important news, although Hunter sexually abusing his under-aged niece and his felony lying on a gun form should be investigated. Joe Biden and his family’s widespread corruption is worthy of widespread attention. Instead, the Democrats and their goon squad, the FBI, systematically purged conservatives from Twitter, thus crushing their First Amendment right to free speech.


The freedom to express political opinions is the most important component of that free speech and it was denied by government forces that swore to protect our rights! “The Tree of Liberty” is getting thirstier by the minute. There was no apology or contrition from security leaders who lined up by the dozens to bury the Hunter laptop story with lies ahead of a presidential election. They said it was hacked by Russia based on no proof whatsoever. Those Deep State Swamp operatives violated their Constitutional oaths. They conspired and kicked countless conservatives out of the Town Square of social media. They murdered free speech.

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Even after the election was stolen for Biden, his White House routinely issued orders to Twitter that demanded conservative posts be deleted and the posters banned. Will any of them be held accountable? Of course not. The Democrat/Globalist Swamp can do whatever it wants. Without push back, they will become emboldened to grab even more freedom from us.

James Woods said if you scratch a leftist you’ll find a fascist and he was right.

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The Democrats will steal the elections on a permanent basis while methodically destroying those with whom they disagree. Don’t be surprised to hear Biden say the Second Amendment ’is not absolute’ before he insists Americans turn in their guns or face penalties including fines and imprisonment. Before that happens, expect Biden to roll out the central bankers’ digital currency, which will lead to high-tech enslavement. Those who speak out against it will be painted as nut jobs, misinformation spewers, or outright terrorists. Whistleblowers will be attacked, marginalized, and swat-teamed. Look at what they did to Assange for reporting the truth. He deserves a Pulitzer Prize, not prison. Big Government’s goal is to make it socially unacceptable to report on government corruption.

Don’t be surprised if Big Government soon makes it a crime to be a patriot.

— Ben Garrison

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