Electronic Concentration Camp cartoon by Ben Garrison


Weapons of Mass Deception

Part One: The Weapons Of Distraction

I’m sure this has happened to all of us.

You’ve gone out to dinner with a friend or a loved one and they’re glued to the phone.

They ignore you, don’t pay attention, and act like you don’t exist.

Instead of having a conversation, you’re having a stare down with their Hello Kitty phone case.

Questions boil up through your brain.

Is that Candy Crush more important than me?

Is that Snapchat conversation that much more entertaining than me?

You clear your throat and ask them to put their phone away because it’s rude and disrespectful.

They ignore you and become even more distant and act like you aren’t there.

Which finally you give up and eat your pasta while they respond to dozens of text messages.

The weapon of distraction is one of the most insidious and the most toxic weapons.

They can ruin:

  • concentration
  • awareness
  • self-improvement
  • political acuity

And this weapon of distraction is everywhere on both macro and micro levels.

Our texting at the dinner table scenario is an example of a micro distraction.

Micro distractions occur due to our own lack of self-discipline, complacency, and routine.

Micro distractions are habitual. They become safe. They become familiar.

In other words, we are at fault for being so disconnected with life around us.

Macro distractions, unlike micros, are distractions we cannot control. They are far more diabolical.

The MSM and the Swamp all use macro distractions to keep us exactly where they want us—sheep to be shorn so they can keep their corrupt game going.

Trump Russia is an example of a macro distraction, which has dominated headlines all across the MSM, Twitter, and Facebook.

Not only is this a macro distraction, but it is also an outrageous lie.

They want us distracted. Distracted people are far easier to control and be fed lies.

The weapon of distraction is one of the most insidious and the most toxic weapons.

So how do we become undistracted? How do we disarm this weapon?

We must first recognize for what it is—just a distraction.

No longer do I play games on the phone. I’d rather be improving my brain and my body.

And no longer do I check the fake news on my iPhone. All those fake news stories distract me from the real truth of the Deep State.

Once you recognize distractions, it’s far easier to navigate life.

You become more aware.

You become more real and authentic, and not just a sheep to be shorn by the Deep State.

Realize that the Deep State wants you to be distracted, so that you can be controlled and have your freedoms stripped away.


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